" Delivered on time and as advertised. The carry-on bag is sturdy and secures my lunch box nicely. I will very likely re-buy again"
--Karen Trepanier, Michigan

" I was so pleased to get the carrying case for free with my product. Great value!"
--Marlene Evanor, Ohio

"The size of the main compartment is bigger than the Bento lunchbox I  had purchased elsewhere online. It definitely comes in handy for my big-sized lunches!" 
-- Steve Kasor, California

" I like the sturdiness of these lunch boxes and food stains come right off easily and quickly. I got one of every color for my kids..and for my husband!"
-- Clarice Wellsworth, New York

" I was surprised with how much food I was able to pack in the lunchbox without making a mess!  I bring my lunchbox to work everyday and couldn't be any more satisfied"
-- Ellen Vargas, Texas

"Very well designed and glad to know I can swap my 4 compartment tray for the 5. 
I'm so happy I got the roomy lunch bag too!
-- Belinda Waserstein, Kentucky

" Finally, a lunch box that keeps my food nice and snug, without leaving a mess! 
My kids love it, so do their mom! :-)
--Jennifer Lorasis, New Hampshire