Interchangeable Trays

4 or 5 interchangeable translucent trays made from Tritan, a tough durable plastic. Pack soft or hard foods neatly and securely. The large sandwich compartment measures 2.5 cups while the side ones measure 3/4 of a cup each.

Silicone Leak-proof Lids

The easy-to-clean lid seal does a great job of  keeping your lunch where it supposed to be--inside your lunchbox! No leaks, no mess...just your lunch the way you packed it. The sauce compartment measures 1.5 oz.


Pack your lunch without the need for extra bags or containers, which reduces your footprint on the environment. Mother Nature will thank you! Our lunchboxes are BPA- and phthalates-free.

Safe & Easy to Access

Compact and lightweight, the lunchbox has two easy-open latch clips and fits neatly into thermal lunch totes and in our FREE carrying case!  Our boxes are designed for both kids and adults!

Microwave & Dishwasher Safe

The pre-portioned trays are microwave-safe, able to withstand up to 110 degree Celsius! Heat just about anything and enjoy your lunch -- at school or in the office! (Note: Dishwasher-safe for top rack only)