About us

The Story Behind the Lunchbox

The idea behind the mmmLunchbuddiesTM was inspired by my seven-year old nephew Jacob, who enjoys a wholesome variety of foods in his lunch. But packing his veggies, sandwiches, and the occasional dipping sauce before he headed off to school was time consuming and used up a handful of containers and bags. The lunchboxes that were already on the market were not ideal for securely holding lunches other than the firmly wrapped sandwich or other packaged products, like cans and juice boxes. We needed a better, more elegant lunch-storing solution, one that would require no additional bags or containers and keep lunches just the way we packed it. That is when the mmm...LunchBuddies was born! Fast forward a few years later and our lunchboxes can be found in school cafeterias and offices across North America.

~Antoine F .

Founder and creator of mmm...lunch Buddies inc.