Packing Tips using Bento Lunch boxes

Ganesh, my five-year-old boy is one adventurous eater; he loves easy-over eggs in the morning and hearty soups for supper coupled with steamed vegetables and Idaho potatoes (Yes, he is that picky!) On the other hand, my 12-year-old girl Emily is a big fan of exotic fruits, raw veggies, yogurt and anything puréed. While their nutritional preferences may differ, both of my kids like to sample different foods and will never turn down a treat after a meal.

So when it comes to packing lunches on schooldays, I use the Bento lunchboxes from mmmlunchbuddies to get the job done. Sturdy, spacious (you can hold up to four cups in the tray compartments) and easy to open and close, these eco-friendly leak-proof boxes are the perfect solution for storing a variety of hot and cold meals, sides and snacks. And here’s the kicker: all of their boxes come with a lid-sealable sauce container and insulated lunch bag!  And if three compartments were not enough, you can get the red box which has four.


bento lunch box

As back-to-school season kicks in, here are some practical, time-saving tips for packing nutritional lunches with your mmmlunchbuddies boxes.

    Be economical with your packing

      Slice extra veggies such as broccoli, cucumbers, and asparagus at supper time for the next day's lunches. Add your child’s favorite sauce or purée in the cylindrical sauce container snugly wedged between the compartments and you’re good to go. Any leftover liquid can be easily transferred to other containers or discarded altogether.  (I heard the container will be removable in future product releases)

        Diversify to make lunches more enticing

          Include a variety of fruits, nuts and vegetables along with the course meal or sandwich; it’s not only healthy, but makes your child’s lunch more presentable and appealing. The more attractive the lunch, the more likely it will be consumed!

          Beak it down in bits

          Cut fruit and veggies into easy-to-pick morsels using a cookie cutter or old fashioned knife. You can also turn fruit and veggies into "kabobs" using wood or plastic skewers or toothpicks. Kids love food on a "stick".

            Nurture with nutrition

              Children need protein to build and strengthen muscle mass and skin and to boost blood circulation. Include foods that are lean in protein: grilled meats, string cheese, dry/ baked nuts (if the school is not nut-free), beans, and peas, just to name a few examples.

              The art of balance

              Avoid processed food as they don’t add any nutritional value. You’ll be impressed how much your kids will eat when presented with healthy and balanced options. Throw in a dried dessert — a cookie or baklava, perhaps — as a reward!

              Let your kids reap the fruit of their labour!

              Ask your kids to help you pack; they’ll are most likely to eat their lunch if they become active participants. 



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